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Gallery > Water Fowl > Cinnamon Teal Drake wood decoy  

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Cinnamon Teal Drake Wood Carving
Cinnamon Teal Drake Wood Carving 

Artist : Randal Martin

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Cinnamon Teal Drakes are a western species. The drake is reddish brown overall. Both hen and drake have a pale blue shoulder patch on the front edge of the wing. The Cinnamon Teal hen can easily be mistaken with the Blue-winged Teal hen. Cinnamon Teal hens are warmer brown, slightly larger and heavier-billed than Blue-winged Teal hens.

Materials: Tupelo Wood and Oil Based Paint
Price: SOLD

To inquire about prices of other carvings listed on this site or to commission a carving of your choice, please call 615.876.1822 or email I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Visitor Comment
Author Name : Renee glover
Date Post : 24-03-2010

Author Name : Patti Craig
Date Post : 21-10-2009
My 12 year old son collects duck wood carving. Of course it started as a mom/dad idea and now he really enjoys getting his duck presents. He wants the Cinnamon Teal Duck for this years pick and I am having trouble finding one. Any suggestions - thanks.

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